Types of Monogamy

Following on our recent coverage of various types of amorous relationships, I have received requests from monogamists to detail what some more traditional forms of relationship might look like. I am glad to oblige.

Monogamy, of course, is a committed relationship with one other person. Other forms include:

  • Bonogamy, which is a relationship just between U2.
  • Donogamy, being married to the Mob.
  • Mahogamy, in which your partner constantly inspires wood.
  • Shananagamy, which is like monogamy, but greasier.
  • Pigamy, where neither of you can get enough bacon.
  • Manolomy, in which you are commited to your solemate.
  • and Tommybahamagamy, which starts casual but winds up costing you a bunch.

(Some people also practice anonogamy, summed up as “Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name?”)

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