Get You Some Pour

“You are a gifted speaker!  You connected with the audience, made us all feel included, gave us facts and then told us what to do with them!”

“Very knowledgeable presentation — as much as I knew coming in, I learned a LOT!”

“Brilliant – Practical – Hysterical.  Again!”

Pour Votreplaisir is an international-award-winning public speaker, making even heavy or abstruse topics fun and clear. He offers talks on a variety of subjects related to sexuality, communication, and relationships, with more on the way! What would you like him to talk about at *your* event?

Policy workshops:

Taking the Hill — Pour’s flagship presentation. An inside look at how to get your way with legislators, whether they like your cause or not.

  • Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Rocky Mountain Poly Living 2018

How Intersectional is Your Internet? — Ensuring diversity in online communities without losing focus on your main issues.

  • Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2017 (co-presenter)

Practical presentations:

G-Spot Stimulation and Female Ejaculation — You may know why to, but here’s how to… and the facts and myths around it.

  • Commonwealth Learning Understanding Educating, 2017 (co-presenter)
  • THE Crossroads, 2019 (co-presenter)

Is It Sex If You’re Dressed?  — If you can have multiple orgasms, even squirting orgasms, and still be fully clothed, is that sex? Find out in this hands-on, clothes-on workshop.

  • Camp Crucible 2018 (co-presenter)