Your Host, “Pour Votreplaisir”

…is an educator, erotica author, jester, & joyous pan polyamorist, reveling in all life’s wonder. Pseudonymous for now; coming out as life allows.

Maybe you’ve seen him present at one of many sexuality conferences, or exchanged notes on the Facebook polyamory group he co-moderated.  Perhaps you’ve seen him on FetLife, where he’s known as Pleasurer, or on his Twitter feed, @PSVWriter.  Or maybe you ran into him at the grocery store, hiding from kale.  Wherever it was, you’d have witnessed his joy in life and open-minded, philosophical approach to love and relationships.

There will be more of that here.  And, yes, jokes of widely varying quality.  Life’s chancy like that.

Oh, and if you are interested in having him talk at your event (on polyamory, how sexual minorities can affect legislation in their favor, erotica, or, well, abut anything), give a holler to PSV (at) (yes, that’s a real address!)