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One of the most frequently asked questions in polyamory, especially among those new to the practice, is “How do I do proper justice to my current relationship when a new one comes along, with all the excitement and focus appertaining thereto?”  (And it’s usually asked in exactly those words.)

While most of the content on this blog will be original, I am pleased to share a very good piece of writing on the effects of new relationship energy and strategies for coping with it. The author is both an academic researcher in the field and a practitioner.  (Also a formidable pole dancer, a credential under-recognized by many tenure review committees.)

On How To Manage New Relationships

Some Overlooked Loves

Recently, the mainstream media has begun to devote considerable attention to polyamory, the practice of engaging in multiple, simultaneous intimate relationships. While that attention is pleasing to many current polyamorists, it overlooks a number of equally important, related forms of relationships. Included among these are:

  • Follyamory, when you think you’re in love with someone but it’s just because they do that one thing you like really well.
  • Jollyamory, which is widespread, because who doesn’t like Santa Claus?
  • Gollyamory, practiced by devotees of Jim Nabors.
  • Wallyamory, the love of Tony Dow.
  • Mammaryamory, or “I like boobies.” Also known as Dollyamory among Parton fans.
  • Camryamory, described by Toyota owners as “Oh, what a feeling!”
  • and Cleveland Amory, a rare form found among people who root for the Browns.

(Collieamory is, of course, illegal almost everywhere.)

How powerful is polyamory? 

When you’re awash in love, having all of your needs met, in stable relationships, and with a full calendar that precludes taking on any more –yet you feel that yearning for even more connection, even more reward, even more love to give and receive.

To want all that even when it’s neither possible nor even sensible – that’s pretty powerful stuff.

If polyamory could be sold in powder form, it would probably be illegal, or at least controlled.