What Price Polyamory?

Well, after 28 years of polyamory, I have discovered a significant issue that challenges my entire belief in the practice.

Last weekend, I consolidated all of the books in “to be read” piles scattered around the house into a single central location. The result was three stacks of books each 3 feet high.

I asked myself, “But I love reading! What have I been doing with my life rather than reading all these books?” The answer was obvious: “Having joyous human relationships.”

But… the reading! The people! The reading! How to reconcile these needs? Is it goodbye to polyamory, abandoned for the Joy of Lex?

Then an answer occurred to me: I will propose to my partners a series of Cuddle and Read days. Between the covers, between the covers. Satisfying heart, mind, and soul. We’ll see who bites!

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